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The Chatty Room
  1. nightshade @ nightshade:
    Just got the pulled pork out for tomorrow, got leftovers tonight
  2. November @ November:
    Yeah i said that about the dishes too and then i got chicken out to cook tonight.
  3. November @ November:
    Oh nooo
  4. nightshade @ nightshade:
    We forgot about the Monday morning heart attack
  5. nightshade @ nightshade:
    Washing up is done, im determined to keep in top of it this time
  6. November @ November:
    I have not got far on my crochet haha
  7. November @ November:
    Well the driveway will be shaded by then and thats the main issue cos the black sand is HOT for puppy paws so once the shade is over they can go out there for a bit
  8. nightshade @ nightshade:
    You hope
  9. November @ November:
    It will cool off in an hour and then they can go for a real run
  10. November @ November:
    Dogs have been pretty good considering they have only been outside 4 times today. I love kongs!
  11. nightshade @ nightshade:
    Cat is extra snuggly this morning
  12. November @ November:
    I havent had enough to drink today. Yay for powerade!
  13. HowiMetdaSlayer @ HowiMetdaSlayer:
  14. Anyanka Bunny Slayer @ Anyanka Bunny Slayer:
    It tasted pretty good
  15. HowiMetdaSlayer @ HowiMetdaSlayer:
    tartar sauce ? o_O
  16. HowiMetdaSlayer @ HowiMetdaSlayer:
    cricket seem slikewould be boring evn to watch but listen??
  17. Anyanka Bunny Slayer @ Anyanka Bunny Slayer:
    Tartar sauce on the fries 😁
  18. Anyanka Bunny Slayer @ Anyanka Bunny Slayer:
    Ate a double cheeseburger and fries
  19. Hunga Munga @ Hunga Munga:
    I listened to England get their arses kicked in cricket today ...not a great game. We were well beaten by an inferior side .
  20. HowiMetdaSlayer @ HowiMetdaSlayer:
  21. Last Watcher @ Last Watcher:
    Nope. Waiting for the NASCAR season to start up again next weekend
  22. HowiMetdaSlayer @ HowiMetdaSlayer:
    you watch any sports this weekend?
  23. HowiMetdaSlayer @ HowiMetdaSlayer:
    ya not good for sure
  24. Last Watcher @ Last Watcher:
    The NFC South was a poor division :oops: Don't remember seeing someone win their division before with an 8-9-0 record :D
  25. HowiMetdaSlayer @ HowiMetdaSlayer:
    oops home state
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