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The Chatty Room
  1. G @ Gibby11:
    Don't remember her but remember ep
  2. G @ Gibby11:
    What about ring
  3. G @ Gibby11:
  4. Mr Trick @ Mr Trick:
    She has a different name and looked quite different though.
  5. Mr Trick @ Mr Trick:
    The episode she first appeared in is Lie to Me. Its when Buffy's old friend moves to Sunnydale, but he's secretly setting Buffy up and working with the underground cult who want to be turned.
  6. G @ Gibby11:
    Also please explain the ring buffy or angel had I cannot Remember it that the boy gave buffy for gift and she left it at angel grave place I didn't remember the ring before
  7. G @ Gibby11:
    89 cent for a medium coke that's cheap is it still that cheap now
  8. G @ Gibby11:
    Also do you think buffy and giles love each other
  9. G @ Gibby11:
    I honestly don't remember her and what episode in angel
  10. Mr Trick @ Mr Trick:
    She appeared in Lie to Me in s2.
  11. Mr Trick @ Mr Trick:
    Yeah its the same girl Gibby. She's just changed name when she moves to LA. She shows up on Angel too.
  12. G @ Gibby11:
    Cuz I don't remember her but she said she was in a cult
  13. G @ Gibby11:
    Please help me I'm on season 3 and was the girl the one who got trapped in that room that got locked in at the club or something and the vamps lied about turning them
  14. HowiMetdaSlayer @ HowiMetdaSlayer:
  15. Mehansa @ Mehansa:
  16. Athene @ Athene:
  17. Hunga Munga @ Hunga Munga:
    Race thru season 3 Gibby , then Angel makes sense .
  18. Oromous @ Oromous:
  19. G @ Gibby11:
    I'm on season 3 now
  20. G @ Gibby11:
  21. ChaseRules @ ChaseRules:
    To say anything :cool:
  22. Oromous @ Oromous:
    @Amyjones lol It's cool. Yeah, it's a chat room for everyone. :)
  23. Amyjones @ Amyjones:
    Hi everyone still trying to get grasp of how this works. Is this a chat room for everyone? Sorry I’m useless😂
  24. HowiMetdaSlayer @ HowiMetdaSlayer:
  25. G @ Gibby11:
    How r u
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