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Christina and the Angel's


Druish Pervonian Wizard
Jul 5, 2007
Black Thorn
Christina and the Angel's Part 1

Christina and the Angels

Andrew stood at the back window of Chasers house, he looked up at the clouds and to the beyond with his binoculars. Much to his surprise he saw the figure of a person plummet towards the earth then as it neared the ground it curved upward then spread its wings, it flew down, Andrew saw the figure fall near the hotel at the top of the hill. Chaser walked to be stood at Andrews side.

“What did you just see?” she asked. Andrew replied that he had seen something fall out of the sky to land near the hotel on the hill. Andrew pointed to the hill. Chaser immediately rang Thompson. “Come to my house, Andrew just saw a figure plummet down through the clouds then on to the hill at the edge of town, when you get here we will go there together.

As soon as Thompson joined them they got into Chasers car and went to see where the figure had landed. They searched about then went towards the hotel, Chaser stopped the car outside the hotel. “I never thought I would be here again so soon after my uncle died,” Thompson looked to Chaser, “Didn’t your uncle own this place?” “He did but I couldn’t be bothered with it so I’ve had someone else be the manager now I will need to run the place, hope it don’t take too much work,” said Chaser.

At The Hotel

The clock on the wall in the restaurant was showing four twenty nine that afternoon. Christina the head waitress was sat at a table talking to Graham, who was in the process of being replaced as the manager. Christina smiled to Graham. “Did you know that sometimes I can read what a person is like, I have been known to know what job a person has,” said Christina.

Graham looked quite impressed by what she could do. “That really is clever, you are lucky you can do that,” he said. “And sometimes I can get to see a person’s aura, though I never get to know if they will leave a tip,” said Christina trying hard not to laugh. Graham laughed, then he turned to look at the door of the restaurant, as a young woman walked into the room. “Go on Christina, tell me all you can about her?”

Christina carefully watched the young woman as she walked across the room, she wore her sunglasses behind her forehead, she strode to an unoccupied table. “Okay, she is not wealthy girl, but if you notice her clothes and her sunglasses it is just the confident way she carries herself. She looks like she is wealthy she has got an aura that is, oh now that is unusual, I have never seen a person whose aura is all white. Graham looked curiously to Christina.

“What is it about her that is causing you to see her look like that?” asked Graham. “It is her aura, it should tell me what she is like what a person’s inclination is but that aura it shows me nothing?” “So what does it tell you?” asked Graham. Christina faced Graham only to shrug her shoulders.
“I only feel like asking one question, I apologize but that question needs to be is she human,” Christina looked to Graham, “I know she is she must be but there is something else about her.”

Christina looked to the young woman and walked to the restaurants reception area to get her pack of Tarot Cards from her drawer. She returned to the table and sat down before she started to deal the cards to herself. “I want to see what sort of a person she is.” Christina lay the cards out then explained to Graham that she wanted to see the truth of her.

Christina looked at the cards and told them she needed to see about the young woman even clearer. Christina lay all the cards out in piles of three with the last few piles being of two each then Christina began to turn each pile over. Christina stared at the cards before looking confused to the young woman. As Christina faced her the young woman she took her sunglasses off her head, looked to Christina and smiled. Christina was astounded.

“It is you, how can it be you, how are you here, why are you here, the last time I saw you was in school almost ten years ago. So how are you here now? How did you know I was here and why do you look unchanged from the last time we met?” asked Christina. “So, you do know her, do you?” asked Graham.

Christina began to nod, “Her name is Anne,” she looked at the young woman, “Your name is Anne isn’t it?” Anne smiled to Christina. “Thank you for remembering my name.” “But what is she?” asked Graham. Christina looked directly to Anne. “The last time I saw you was ten years ago, but.” Christina was puzzled. “So why were you at the school, why are you here now and how did you know that I was here?”

Anne smiled and began her reply. “I was ordered to be here just the same as I was ordered to be at the school to watch over you and if it was needed that I was here and there to protect you.” Christina held her uniform. “Look at me, my uniform, I’m just a waitress, I am no one special.” Anne smiled to Christina, “You might not be anyone special but the first of your ancestral line was, because of her the line of her descendants will always be protected. He is from that time and he is thought to be near here, which means many more of my kind will be here soon,” said Anne.

Graham looked to Anne. “Your kind, what is your kind?” he asked. Anne grinned to him. “As I am the first of my kind to be here this will no doubt be a surprise to you, I am an angel,” said Anne. Graham looked shocked as he faced Anne, then he slowly shook his head. Anne stepped back from her table into a clear area - she spread her wings.

Graham barely had time to be amazed before Anne continued to explain even more. “Christina’s first ancestor was a woman who was created by God to give life to the first and second vampire. God’s vampires were and are the good vampires, it is the Son of the Devil’s vampires who are evil ones. Graham turned to face five people who just walked into the restaurant via the back door. “Who are you and why are you here?” he asked

Two of the people who came in the front door went towards them, “We are Greaves and Cul-iere.” Anne went to stand in front of the five who had just entered the back door, Greaves smiled to Peter and Craven who both knelt on one knee to Cul-iere, “Will you please accept us?” they said. Cul-iere began to nod to them.

The other three Tom, Westy and Gareth wanted to know what had just happened. “Craven and I are of Gods vampires we are the children of Christina’s original mother, I created Peter three hundred years ago. Tom, Westy and Garet went to stand by Christina and Graham as Andrew, Chaser and Thompson walked in through the front of the room. Craven looked at them and walked to confront Andrew.

“I see you as a girl, so why do you dress as a boy?” she asked before Thompson faced Craven. “I have been friends with Andrew for almost a year, so there is no way that Andrew can be a girl,” said Thompson as Andrew faced Cul-iere then Anne. “Before I came here I was with the Goddess De-ara in a church where one of God’s Protector demons was found he had been trapped in a church. The demon told us he had followed several of the Sons

followers to near there not long before. “So why are you here?” asked Peter. “I came here to find others in the search though I had to be a boy to remain undiscovered. The name that people know me, know me as is Andrea and like Anne, I am an Angel.” Thompson and Chaser stared at her in utter amazement. They turned and faced Anne then looked to Andrea.

“You are an Angel?” asked Chaser. Two more girls walked to the entrance to the room, they stand by the door. Cul-iere smiled to them. Then they go to Cul-iere. “Sandy, Saffron, you are welcome,” said Cul-iere. “So now we have four Angels here, soon there will be many more, hopefully more of Gods vampires will be here soon as well, though there is only one Goddess here,” said Greaves.

“If the Son has passed near here maybe, hopefully he is still near here so that the one God has chosen will be sent here,” said Anne. Graham asked Chaser if they could stay there, Chaser agreed with him. “Your people will be welcome here it is the least we can do for now. To prepare enough food and drink for those who will be coming here, to make them feel welcome,” said Chaser.

Graham called Christina to go into the kitchen with him and start to prepare food and drink. In the restaurant Felicity walked into the doorway, she saw Cul-iere. “Molly drove her own car here, she wanted to be able to stop off to get a couple of others without affecting the others of us,” said Felicity. Cul-iere pointed to the door behind Felicity as Molly walked in with Julia and Diana. Christina and Graham walked back into the restaurant with a tray of soda drinks each.

“There are more coming,” said Christina. Unsure who was who Graham asked Cul-iere, “who is the one they were here to get?” “You humans often refer to him as the anti-Christ yet that is not who he is, he is known as the Anti-God,” said Cul-iere. “But won’t we be the ones to end him,” asked Graham.
“No, it will be God’s chosen one who will guide us,

she will be followed by Gods Army and his Angels though I do not know who will end the Son, for that we might see a miracle.” “Yes but will we know who the miracle maker is,” said Anne. “Who is God’s chosen and does she know it?” asked Graham. Anne looked to Cul-iere then faced Graham. “Her name is Buffy.”

To Be Continued
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