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Spoilers policy

Sweet Dreamer

Aug 23, 2020
Hi guys, I'd like some help to clarify the way the official episode discussion threads work.

Is the conversation in those threads limited to the episode or is it possible to discuss plot points/major twists from future seasons that i consider to be foreshadowed very early? Do i need to use spoilers tags?
I know there's a subforum for all things that span different seasons but i want to use the episodes threads because i'm in the middle of a rewatch with lot of notes and quick thoughts on parallels and dropped subplots/arcs but all organized by episode. I can't see how i would create a unique thread with all those thoughts. It would become huge and almost like a "private" thread, wouldn't push to keep a lively discussion (if my posts get reactions and answers).
To be honest, entire blocs under spoiler tags doesn't seem either the best way to convince people to read and contribute .

I have my opinion but clearly i'm looking for a rule if there's one.
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