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When does SHIELD “get good”?


Jul 29, 2016
Agents of SHIELD is a comic book show that starts out ashamed to be a comic book show at all, and as it goes along it just becomes a generic substitute. Characters nobody cares about masquerading as comic book heroes like store brand cereal.

I didn't get past the first few episodes of Season 1, I tried. I think the Problem with AOS is that it didn't integrate well with the MCU even though that should've been the series with the biggest connections. There was no Nick Fury or Maria Hill on the main cast (even though they were the "face" of shield in the movies especially after Coulson's death, and the other characters in the series never showed up in the movies. They wouldn't have to have large parts, just show them as extras being given orders to do something. That way you establish that they are very much part of the MCU and the tv show is just exploring them more in depth whilst the movies gloss over them because they're not important. Instead you've got characters that are main players of Shield in the tv show yet are nowhere to be found in the movies and the main players of Shield in the movies are nowhere to be found in the tv shows (outside of the rare guest spot)

Runaways, Cloak and Dagger, and Stargirl are angsty teen dramas but that's what they should be because that's who those characters are. And Black Lightning is simply fantastic.

I quite enjoyed Runaways and the crossover with Cloak and Dagger (though I didn't watch the C&D series), never heard of Stargirl.


Dec 26, 2016
I quite enjoyed Runaways and the crossover with Cloak and Dagger (though I didn't watch the C&D series), never heard of Stargirl.
Stargirl is a DC show currently airing on DC Universe and The CW. It has aired 10 of its 13 first-season episodes so far and has already been renewed for a second.

As it has gone along I have grown to like it even more. It's been really good so far.


Aug 10, 2021
Most series‘ take time to develop and in a lot of shows fans can pinpoint when a show really finds its stride and “gets good”.

When would you tell someone that SHIELD gets good?
Second half of season 1 is where it picks up. It’s good for a while. The quality dips every now and again….later on they start going crazy with their plots and I begin to get annoyed…but it’s like a little yo-yo in that way (some people will get my reference) it just always seems to bounce back.


Member of the Church Of Faith
Dec 23, 2013
The Moot, England
I would agree that about the half-way mark AoS starts picking up speed and becoming more surefooted in its characters and plotting. It has some nice twists and it is one of those shows that gets better and better as it goes along. It also gets more 'comic-book-y' in later seasons as they do crazy stuff like get flung into the future, explore deep space and an virtual reality alternate dimension, fight evil robot duplicates and teleporting space-mutants. Fun stuff.
If I had to pick one big flaw it would be the Skye/Daisy character; can't stand her (its 60% the actress). But all the others are pretty great.


Mar 13, 2016
I tried the first half of season 1, and then tried some random eps from later seasons. It was okay, but did not grab me, though I gave it more of a chance than most others I drop (I was mainly impressed with how they did the time travel arc later on, trying to fit the show to the TV flavor of the decade while still being itself).

In the end I skipped on it. It's watchable, but pretty low on my list. But I'd watch it with someone else, that is if it was what everyone else around me was watching and I couldn't leave (instead of getting online, reading a book, taking a walk, getting an errand out of the way, etc). I sense the potential to hook me, but it never did.
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