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Discussion of Angel 11.12 - Released 12/20/17 (Dark Horse)


Jun 25, 2017
@Angel6 this is an exaggeration, @TriBel is the only known person to enjoy both. My theory is you need a PHD to make sense of it.
Possibly...though I don't think a PhD's a necessary prerequisite. I know @Priceless enjoyed Giles (and some of the arguments it puts forward aren't too far removed from those that underpin the race arguments at the moment). All it offers is an alternative narrative. What flummoxed me with Giles was "string theory" and translating it into multiverse theory (for that, I needed Prof Brian Cox). I actually had email correspondence with the writer of one and she was really nice!
That’s really cool! I emailed Dan Jurgens (who is most famous for wring Superman in the 90s) recently and he was so nice. Sent a really nice detailed response to my questions.
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